In today’s eco-conscious world, the challenge of packaging waste in retail and e-commerce, particularly within the textile industry, is a growing concern. This waste, if not managed properly, can significantly impact the environment. Fortunately, innovative recycling techniques, such as compressing waste into bales using balers, offer a sustainable solution.

CABARO emerges as a leader in this eco-friendly initiative, specializing in the supply of high-quality baling wires. These wires are crucial for the recycling process, offering unparalleled compatibility with all leading baler brands, including HSM, Dixi, Presona, Bramidan, PRESSTO and Mil-Tek. As a globally recognized supplier for top retailers, CABARO manufactures its baling wires in-house, guaranteeing products that not only meet but exceed the varied requirements of our clients across multiple industries.

Our baling wires are meticulously designed to boost the efficiency and reliability of the recycling process. We are committed to aiding businesses not only in the textile sector but also across the broad spectrum of retail and e-commerce, to achieve their environmental sustainability objectives. CABARO´s focus on developing cutting-edge recycling solutions positions us as a pivotal player in driving towards a more sustainable future by minimizing waste and enhancing recycling efforts worldwide.

With CABARO, industries can confidently step towards achieving their green goals, knowing they have a partner dedicated to providing products that are essential for efficient waste management and recycling. Join us in our mission to reduce environmental impact and promote recycling initiatives across the globe.


When it comes to processing foam, used tires, textiles, cotton, wool, fiber, or other highly expandable materials, the necessity for a quick-tie wire with the right tensile strength and length is paramount.

CABARO specialize in providing high-quality steel quick-tie wires designed for maximum durability and an exceptionally high breaking load (tensile strength). As the product specialists in quick-tie or quick-binding wire, we engage directly with you to understand your specific needs and advise on the most suitable quick-tie wire for your application.

Our quick-tie wire features the innovative Quicklink system, designed for ease of use and secure fastening. The loops at each end of the wire can be quickly and safely hooked together manually, ensuring a secure tie every time. In our production department, we offer customization options for Quicklinks, allowing you to specify the exact diameter and length required for your unique requirements.

Leveraging our expertise in quick-tie wire solutions, we commit to providing products that not only meet but exceed your expectations in efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re dealing with bulky, expandable materials or require a robust tying solution, our quick-tie wires with Quicklink technology offer the perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and convenience.

Let us help you find the ideal quick-tie wire to streamline your materials processing and secure your products effectively.


Press wire or tying wire must unroll smoothly, maintain consistent quality, and possess the correct hardness. This is common knowledge in the recycling sector, a field we’ve been intimately connected with for years, particularly with automatic balers used for processing materials like paper, cardboard, and plastics.

Tell us about the baler you use, and we can recommend the most suitable press wire for your needs. Generally, the type of baler you have dictates the wire variant that can be used. However, we always strive to find the optimal balance between diameter and tensile strength, especially if it can help reduce your costs.

Understanding the intricacies of different balers and the specific demands of processing various materials, we leverage our expertise to provide you with a press wire that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to ensure that your baler operates at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, all while keeping your operational costs in check.

Let us help you find the ideal press wire solution, tailor-made for your baler and specific recycling needs.


Our pre-looped wire is available in two finishes: annealed for flexibility and durability, or soft galvanized for enhanced corrosion resistance. This tailored approach ensures that regardless of your project’s specific requirements—whether you’re seeking the pliability of annealed wire for easy manipulation or the durability and protective qualities of soft galvanized wire—we have the perfect solution.

The pre-looped design of our wire simplifies the process of securing materials, significantly reducing preparation time and effort. Ideal for a variety of applications, from construction and agriculture to recycling and packaging, our pre-looped wire combines convenience with performance.

Choose the finish that best suits your needs: the annealed option for tasks requiring a softer, more flexible wire, or the soft galvanized finish for environments where moisture or corrosion could be a concern. Our commitment to quality ensures that both options provide reliable, efficient results for your binding needs.


Our versatile Polyester Strapping Tape is specifically designed to be compatible with all types of balers, providing a comprehensive solution for various strapping needs. This tape combines exceptional durability with impressive flexibility, making it perfect for securing a variety of materials – from paper and cardboard to plastics and textiles, to agricultural products.

Designed for efficiency and reliability, our Polyester Strapping Tape ensures a strong bond for your bales, leading to increased stability and safety during storage and transportation. The robustness of the tape not only offers excellent tensile strength but also remarkable resistance to environmental influences such as moisture and UV rays, to preserve the quality of your bales in the long term.

The Polyester Strapping Tape also serves as an excellent alternative to stretch film, especially when transporting packaged products in agriculture and industry. Its use minimizes the risk of damage and product loss, providing a firm grip and protection against the elements. Whether used in single-ram, double-ram, or auto-tie balers, this tape offers a flexible and reliable solution for every need.

The simple application and consistent performance of our Polyester Strapping Tape make it an indispensable element of your packaging and transportation processes, helping you to simplify your workflows and increase efficiency. Thus, it helps you maximize productivity and optimize costs in your recycling, packaging, or agricultural activities.

Discover our Polyester Strapping Tape and take the next step towards a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly packaging and transportation solution.